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Anez Ka

Abstract Artist

Malta-based contemporary artist, Anez Ka, creates abstract paintings that radiate with vibrant colours, strike with powerful contrasts and intrigue with unique textures and colour combinations. 

Throughout her life, Anez Ka has been searching for the perfect way to express her creativity. The search continued through the music, design, photography and concluded with the abstract painting. The abstract art gives her the feeling of a complete freedom and honesty; a safe space without limitations, manipulations, judgement, hidden agendas or false pretences.

The beauty of the nature but also the mundane life are Anez Ka's sources of inspiration.  The topic of emotions is also oftentimes exploited in her works. Her favourite part of the creation process is experimenting with colours, materials, tools and textures. She combines the traditional brush strokes with less conventional techniques like splashing, spilling or swiping. The combination of techniques and colours creates a mysterious realm, dreamlike space which invites the spectator to look inside themselves in the search of the freedom lost and inner honesty.

For Anez Ka the most fundamental part of the creation process is to leave the viewer a complete freedom of interpretation - “My art is an invite for everyone to dig deeper. I will feel honoured and thrilled when people pause their busy lives for just one moment and try to connect not only with my artwork but with themselves."

Anez Ka
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