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Kevin Sciberras


Kevin Sciberras (b. 1978) started his formal artistic education at the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce. He continued his studies under Charles Cassar and later furthered his studies under the supervision of Harry Alden. He also studied drawing and painting at the Malta Government School of Art in Valletta under Joseph Micallef and Tony Sciberras. Kevin Sciberras also holds a B.A (Hons) and M.A in History of Art from the University of Malta. He has participated in various art exhibitions in Malta and abroad and held four solo exhibitions.

Kevin Sciberras is best known for his paintings of Maltese architectural landmarks. He is mainly inspired by his physical surroundings especially by urbanscapes that are completely devoid of figures. Through his art we perceive familiar places in a whole new way. Each work brings a sublime light into his iconic landmarks as his subjects are characterised by visible brushstrokes and rich layers of paint. Diluted acrylic paint allows him to use very thin washes of layered surfaces of transparent veils. Consistent throughout are the planes of light intersecting and overlapping each other.

Kevin Sciberras
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