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Matthew J. Casha


Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Architecture in Malta, he then pursued my studies with a M.Sc in Project Management in Aberdeen, Scotland and is also reading for an M.A. in Fine Arts (Digital Arts) at the University of Malta. Through his creative design and art studio, he has been exploring and undertaking innovative artistic projects using modern technologies, such as drones and 3D printers.

Having been the Architect for the Malta Pavillion at the Art Venice Biennale 2019 and Creative Lead for the Maltese Pavilion at the London Design Biennale 2023, Matthew has insight into the world of the visual arts on an international scale. Driven by a sense of curiosity, his art is an exploration of technology, visual art, and the human experience.

Most recently, through research and studies in abstract art, artificial intelligence and 3D digitally rendered images, Matthew has been exploring the concept of connecting abstract art as an influencer and modifier for urban design, inspired by postmodern Italian literature such as Italo Calvino. This artistic practice takes on the ideas of temporality, memory and order in chaos. In addition to this, the practice into abstract art has also lead into exploring the idea of uncertain realism, where temporality in terms of colour and the nature of decay is considered in isolation rather than as a result of surrounding factors.

Matthew J. Casha
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