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Rebecca Ranieri


Rebecca Ranieri was born in Parma (Italy) on July 15th, 1990. Rebecca showed an artistic aptitude from an early age when, at kindergarten she spent a lot of time with papers and colours instead of playing in the yard like other children. At the age of 13 she enrolled at the Paolo Toschi Art High School (PR, Italy) where she had the opportunity to deepen her passion for the history of art and where she was also able to explore various artistic and expressive techniques.

After high school she continued her studies by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (Italy), where she graduated in 2015 with 110 cum laude in Restoration of paper, photographic and digital material. Rebecca worked in Italy for some time but moved to Malta in 2017 where she worked and reconnected with her art, which was dozed off for some time. 2021 brought about the first collective exhibitions: "ProTaGoNiesTea" (Rabat, Malta) and "ThreeinOne" (Mdina, Malta) and, in December, the first solo exhibition: "M’haju alllibbirari" (Senglea, Malta). In March 2022 she returned to Italy where she intended to reconnect with her roots and continued her artistic journey. In May ’22 she took part in a collective exhibition at Spazio Arte Tolomeo (Milano, Italy). In June ‘22 she took part at the international art fair in the Principality of Monaco (Art 3f), in July Rebecca exhibited her art in the collective exhibition "ESTATARTE" at the International Gallery Area Contesa Arte (Rome). In November ’22 she took part in the exhibition "I have a dream" at the MA-EC gallery (Milan) and in “Yellow and Blue”, Cavalieri Art Hotel (Malta).

Rebecca is a figurative artist who works mainly on faces. She imagines the life of her subjects in detail and extrapolates salient episodes that take shape and meaning in each of her work. Her curiosities, reflections, fears and hopes pour into the characters she gives life to and that she investigates to the point of feeling them close, real. Faces for Rebecca are windows that overlook the interior dimension of the person, in its complexity and fragmentation. The technique and materials used are part of an expressive research: Rebecca finds the strength of her self-expression in free experimentation. Rebecca experiences art as a journey based on searching for the soul of things rather than their consistency.

Rebecca Ranieri
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