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Silvana Camilleri

Artist / Photographer

Silvana Camilleri, née Tabone, from Żejtun, mother of one daughter, Estelle. Silvana created her artist identity, ĊmajraArt, after her family nickname, taċ-Ċmajra.

Her love for art started from an early age and has always been an outlet for her to express herself. Therefore, choosing to study art during school years was a natural choice for her. She then continued to further her education under the tuition of artist Lino Borġ, her former school teacher. She pursued her studies until she was 22 and had the opportunity to meet and observe several Maltese artists at work. Silvana also attended the art school in Naxxar, where with other artists, she took classes in Nudism.

For the last four years, she has worked on various commissions using multiple media, including aquarelles, acrylics, pens, pastels and oils. Silvana took part in various collective exhibitions with other artists, latest was with the Orders of St. John.

In addition, her most recent success was her first exhibition as a solo artist which was in July 2022 where together with a local photographer they created a concept of photography combined with art. After this exhibition Silvana took a course in photography and also bought a Nikon camera so that she could develop more skills in this area. She is now using her own photography to mix it up with her creations. In 2023 she did another 2 solo exhibitions, one was related to Humanity where she used 2 models and created different scenarios and aspects of life and the other one was named for the artworks she produced after her full-time work as Senior Administration in a pharmaceutical company named it as “Dak li sar wara s-sitta”. In this particular exhibition, one could see her versatility as there was a mixture of art collections with different media and also photography.

Silvana continues her journey of creativity, and she is now working on future projects one of which will be the 4th solo exhibition in May 2024.

She positively feels that art is helping her move ahead in life and also introducing her to new people/arts and opening up opportunities that she never believed she would have.

Silvana Camilleri
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