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PriceFrom €55.00

Photographer: Sean Dingli


Chemicals: Pure Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C)


Technique: This chemical was dissolved in water and poured on theslide. The chemical was then scorched with a direct flame. All thechemical was burnt except for a few little areas that were spared fromthe flame. These small areas (smaller than a millimeter) gave life to veryremarkable pieces such as Bifröst.


Piece description: In norse mythology, the Bifröst is a burning rainbowbridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm ofthe gods. Just like this bridge of myth, this piece was born from fire andradiates with the colours of the rainbow. Bifröst is a tale of art to betold and retold.Actual Specimen size: The specimen measures 0.5 millimeter.


About photomicrography: Photomicrography is the process of taking photos using a microscope.

  • Custom Sizes

    If you would like a custom size please contact our support team for a quote.

  • Measurements

    All sizes are in cm. The dimensions given are the external dimensions (i.e. including frame). Passepartout / border is 5cm thick.

  • Material

    For prints we use IGPSP Satin Photo 260gms, high quality photo paper. 

    Frames are made of mdf wood. If you would like any custom colour please get in touch with us

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